R 3,950.00

Fabric Specifications:
Our signature collection is made from high quality upholstery quality fabric of varying kinds. The vast majority of the fabrics used are sourced from Hertex fabrics, and are either 100% cotton, polyester or linen. We do not currently have consistency in terms of the types of fabric or colours we manufacture. Please get in touch via whatsapp and let us know what you’re looking for in terms of colour and we can discuss what we currently have in stock, or can custom make something with your own fabric choice. Retailers may make special requests and we will try to accommodate.

Note that unlike the saks, the signature collection does not have removable, machine washable covers and they must be cleaned by hand. In addition, they are not foam-filled, but rather have a poly-ball filling which makes them far firmer than the saks and means that they cannot be vacuum-packed for transport. They are intended to be a more formal, elegant alternative to the core range.  

Colours: Various
Fabrics: Various
Size: 110 x 105 x 120 cm
Weight: +- 5kg 



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