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XS Sak Extra/Replacement Inner

Sale priceR 1,100.00

Happy Sak inners are made of sheeting fabric, hand-stitched with a zip and filled with our premium mixed density polyurethane foam chip.


Inners can be purchased with or without filling. 


The zip allows for foam to be easily added or removed according to how firm you like your Happy Sak. 


The colour of the inners vary, but there is no difference in quality or spec. 

XS Sak Inner - Happy Sak SA
XS Sak Extra/Replacement Inner Sale priceR 1,100.00
XS Sak Patchwork Extra Cover - Happy Sak SA


Your Happy Sak comes complete with a cover of your choice in one of our high quality upholstery fabric ranges:

  • Our Fur and Corduroy ranges are soft, plush and warm – best for indoor use during colder months
  • Our Bull Denim range is 100% cotton so it’s breathable and perfect for indoor use during warmer months. It can also be used on covered patios and other outdoor spaces, but isn’t water or fade resistant
  • Our Outdoor range is made from a water and fade resistant fabric with a canvas-like feel that’s perfect for outdoor use around the pool or braai
  • Our Patchwork range is hand-made using a variety of patches from all of our fabrics. Each patchwork sak is therefore utterly unique and may differ from the photographs. We try to keep the patches within the same tonal range, so some patchwork covers are bright while others are more muted. Be sure to indicate what you prefer when placing your order.

But since all our covers are removable and interchangeable, you can buy an extra cover in a different fabric for different weather, indoor/outdoor use or just to rotate with on wash day!